BotaniWipe …

Revolutionizing Plant Care!

*Used by Disney World/Smithsonian Museum and Zoo for their plant care!!*

*Not just for plants!! A all around multi-purpose horticulture wipe!

BotaniWipe is proud to be the first and only company to offer all-natural plant and leaf polish in a wipe with organic Neem oil. We believe BotaniWipe, the Original Wipe for Plants, is the most practical, far reaching gardening product on the PLANET! Our goal is to provide all types of gardening enthusiasts; from novice to expert, home gardener to professional, a SAFE, EASY, CLEAN, PRACTICAL way to care for their favorite plants and gardens. No mixing, spraying, or unclogging; this is a one-step application. Clean only the areas you want to, avoiding residual contamination of surrounding areas!

Formulated with 100% Organic Neem Oil (cold pressed, OMRI listed) and Pure Essential Oils, BotaniWipe’s All Natural, Mild formulas are Alcohol-Free and SAFE to the touch; we never use harsh chemicals or synthetics. Environmentally friendly, our wipes are 100% biodegradable and never tested on animals. 1% of income is donated to the environment!

We hope you enjoy the gardening lifestyle and find BotaniWipe, The Original Wipe for Plants, an easy, healthy, sensible way to care for your plants and gardens! There’s a green thumb in all of us!


*Not just safe but GREAT for skin!

-Neem Oil and Lavender oil are amazing for skin!

-Repels mosquito’s as they do not like oils!

-Used in many natural cosmetic and skin care products!

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Lead Researcher at Botanics & Co
Steve is one of our founding researchers, paving the way forward in the field of Botanical sciences.

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