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The Best Student Gardens in Sheffield South Yorkshire

We’re always amazed at the submissions you guys make for your homemade hanging basket and planting borders, and we really appreciate all of the photos and videos we receive on a daily basis.

This week we’re going to be looking at the student submissions for the best small gardens competition!

It always amazes us how these budding green fingered young adults have the time to do any gardening at all whilst studying, but you always manage to surprise us with the innovative and cost saving ways you manage to bring colour and greenery to your outdoor areas, which tend to brighten up even the dullest of student houses!

This weeks winner is from the University of Sheffield, in South Yorkshire, the United Kingdom (soon to be out of the EU, but we’ll leave that debate for another post!).

(we have removed images for privacy reasons).

Location: 3 Dover Rd Lower, Sheffield, S11 8RH

Name: Anonymous

Accommodation: link

Garden type: Patio

Award: Garden of the week

Reason: This garden stands out so much amongst the crowd! The use of potted plants around the exterior, mixed with the trellis, climbing plants such as clematis, and the sparing use of garden furniture has turned this into a wonderfully cozy outdoor space that any student would love to live in. We’re so proud of the work you’ve done, and we hope you enjoy your reward.

Sheffield is known for many things, but I think it’s safe to say that gardening is not traditionally one of them! We look forward to seeing some more submissions from you for garden of the week, and if you have any questions about this then leave them in the comments below!

Garden Furniture UK

Update February 2018 – New Garden Bench Range Available

I’ve just read the news on the Garden Centre Shopping website, and it looks like they’re now offering a brand new range of outdoor benches to purchase online this year. This is very interesting news, with their Winawood range being very popular as it is it looks like they’ve decided to expand.

For anyone wishing to see the page in action it can be found here.

New Reclining Garden Chairs for 2018

You’re in look if you’re moving into the new year looking for a new chair for your outdoor area, as the brand Garden Centre Shopping UK ( have now released a new range of reclining garden chairs available in Majestique Rattan for UK delivery! From their base in Leicester you can view the whole range, including rocking chairs, rattan armchairs, and rattan bistro sets. There are also adjustable tables, and all high backed chairs come with cushions included.

Choosing Weatherproof Garden Furniture

-> 2017 check out our all weather garden furniture retailers.

We also did an article on Winawood outdoor furniture here.

We’ve filtered out the hearsay, to bring you the definitive answer on what garden furniture you should buy, and where you should buy it from!

The Best UK Garden Furniture Online Retailers

When choosing your garden furniture, it may seem like there are so many different choices, with lots of companies saying very similar things, with similar claims, and similar prices!

Which type of garden furniture best suits your home?

This really depends on how you prefer to style your outdoor space. For example, if you prefer a modern look, then rattan furniture could be for you, as it comes with dark brown and black colours, contrasting with white cushions which make the sets really stand out.

However if you prefer a classical look, then wooden garden furniture, or Winawood™ furniture could be for you, which both have a natural look, the latter being all weather furniture, or a weatherproof bench.

Things to look for with weatherproof garden furniture:

  • An all weather guarantee – this means the retailer is standing by the quality of their products.
  • A physical shop or store front – when buying online you are better choosing a retailer that has a real address, not a pop-up internet shop that could vanish after a year.
  • With rattan, look for an aluminium frame – this ensures the product will not rust.
  • Also with rattan, look for UV stabilised – this means the synthetic rattan weave has been treated to not fade, rot, or go brittle due to any weather conditions.

Commercial Solutions for Garden Furniture

When looking for large volumes, and garden furniture to suit a specific purpose, it might be hard to find the perfect match, leaving you to settle with a compromise. The retailers in our study all hard commercial options on their respective websites, meaning you can purchase freely for a commercial environment. See commercial outdoor furniture, or specifically outdoor furniture for restaurants.

Further Reading

Some more interesting reading on garden furniture retailers can be found below, if you have any to add then please email me at

Winawood Composite Garden Furniture

So you may have recently heard about the latest technology in the garden furniture industry called composite materials. This has become very popular over the last 5 years, and so here at BotaniWipe we decided the look into it in a bit of detail.

What is composite garden furniture?

Composite by definition means composed of several different things, and composite furniture is simply various types of plastics, compressed to form a solid material.

This materials benefits include:

  • Looks like a natural material
  • Wood-effect
  • all weather
  • no need to teak oil
  • can be left outside in all seasons
  • no cover required
  • heavy duty

It is often found in a range of benches, chairs, coffee sets and other dining sets.

About Winawood

Winawood is a unique brand of composite furniture by Innovators International, first originating in the UK in 2014.

Now this brand of all weather garden furniture is very interesting, because it actually looks and feels like a natural material (wood) which makes it unique when compared to the other solutions available such as rattan, aluminium, or others.

This is due to the compression process, which creates a grain effect within the material, small gaps that create the illusion of natural waves such as wood has.

This brand also comes with a 2 year warranty on weather defects, often not something you will find with other furniture, apart from when you spend upwards of £3,000 on a set, which is outside of most people’s price range.

In comparison a Winawood bench can start at around £270, often including delivery, which isn’t too bad when you compare it with the costs of owning a wooden bench (significant over its lifetime).

We’ve found various types of Winawood, available to purchase online from retailers such as Garden Furniture UK, who stock a range of weatherproof and recycled furniture sets with UK home delivery included.