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Update February 2018 – New Garden Bench Range Available

I’ve just read the news on the Garden Centre Shopping website, and it looks like they’re now offering a brand new range of outdoor benches to purchase online this year. This is very interesting news, with their Winawood range being very popular as it is it looks like they’ve decided to expand.

For anyone wishing to see the page in action it can be found here.

New Reclining Garden Chairs for 2018

You’re in look if you’re moving into the new year looking for a new chair for your outdoor area, as the brand Garden Centre Shopping UK ( have now released a new range of reclining garden chairs available in Majestique Rattan for UK delivery! From their base in Leicester you can view the whole range, including rocking chairs, rattan armchairs, and rattan bistro sets. There are also adjustable tables, and all high backed chairs come with cushions included.

Choosing Weatherproof Garden Furniture

-> 2017 check out our all weather garden furniture retailers.

We also did an article on Winawood outdoor furniture here.

We’ve filtered out the hearsay, to bring you the definitive answer on what garden furniture you should buy, and where you should buy it from!

The Best UK Garden Furniture Online Retailers

Here are the best online retailers in the UK, based on our August 2016 decision. These are the top 4 results, with the retailers observed for quality, guarantees, customer service, and security of their respective websites.

When choosing your garden furniture, it may seem like there are so many different choices, with lots of companies saying very similar things, with similar claims, and similar prices!

Top UK Garden Furniture Online Retailers
Company nameRatingWebsite
Garden Furniture Centre85%
QD Stores78%

The criteria

  • The retailer must offer higher qualities of product, such as offering hand woven rattan as opposed to the plastic alternative.
  • The retailer must offer a guarantee on their products, particularly with weatherproof garden furniture.
  • The retailer must have a good customer service record, and handle complaints in a timely manner.
  • The website must be hosted on a secure SSL server.

Which type of garden furniture best suits your home?

This really depends on how you prefer to style your outdoor space. For example, if you prefer a modern look, then rattan furniture could be for you, as it comes with dark brown and black colours, contrasting with white cushions which make the sets really stand out.

However if you prefer a classical look, then wooden garden furniture, or Winawood™ furniture could be for you, which both have a natural look, the latter being all weather furniture, or a weatherproof bench.

Things to look for with weatherproof garden furniture:

  • An all weather guarantee – this means the retailer is standing by the quality of their products.
  • A physical shop or store front – when buying online you are better choosing a retailer that has a real address, not a pop-up internet shop that could vanish after a year.
  • With rattan, look for an aluminium frame – this ensures the product will not rust.
  • Also with rattan, look for UV stabilised – this means the synthetic rattan weave has been treated to not fade, rot, or go brittle due to any weather conditions.

Commercial Solutions for Garden Furniture

When looking for large volumes, and garden furniture to suit a specific purpose, it might be hard to find the perfect match, leaving you to settle with a compromise. The retailers in our study all hard commercial options on their respective websites, meaning you can purchase freely for a commercial environment. See commercial outdoor furniture, or specifically outdoor furniture for restaurants.

We have also found Garden Centre Shopping UK to be an expert retailer for the whole of 2017, including their new rattan garden furniture range which is both durable and comfortable.

Further Reading

Some more interesting reading on garden furniture retailers can be found below, if you have any to add then please email me at

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