What makes BotaniWipe different than other wipes?


* BotaniWipe are specifically engineered to be beneficial for living plants as well as for protecting and cleaning gardening tools!

*We are the ONLY company worldwide to offer such a product-

Revolutionizing plant care!

*We only use chlorine free, biodegradable (not just disposable!) wipes.

*We use all natural plant derived surfactants and preservatives. (mild)

*Our wipes are alcohol-free and we never use harsh fragrances or chemicals

*Formulated with a touch of Organic Neem Oil and a hint of lavender essential oil- a perfect combination for beautifying plants.

Why wipe my plants over spraying?


*Use with your favorite foliar spray or after a rinse in the shower, hose or rain…


dust and water spots disappear!! We love sprays too!


*Safe! Clean! Effective! Many industries utilize wipes for ease and efficiency.

*Perfect for specialty plants such as Orchids Bromeliads and such!

*A GREAT TOOL cleaner to avoid spreading disease and other infestations before, during and after pruning or deadheading decayed flowers and such.

*Avoid residual contamination of flowers, buds or fruits. Clean only the areas desired!

*No mixing or messy sprays!  This is a One-Step Application!

*Wiping your plants and tools physically removes unwanted guests, spraying tend to cover up some problems and can stress the plant.

*Every time you BotaniWipe you are supporting the environment with a clean product.

We also donate 1% to the environment!

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