*There is a wipe to clean almost every surface.  BotaniWipe is the first to clean the surface of plants. Plants like any other surface get dusty, compromised and unsightly.

*Wipes are so popular in cleaning products that have traditionally started as sprays such as Windex, Pledge etc because they clean only the surfaces you want without contaminating the air or surrounding areas, which spraying does.

*Keeping plants clean and healthy helps create a healthier environment in home or workplace by allowing for better exchange of oxygen and creating a more beautiful atmosphere.

*Some of the other traditional methods of cleaning houseplants, such as paper towels with water, moving plants outside or placing them into the sink or under the shower can be solved with a one step wipe specifically designed to promote plant health and beautify with oils and surfactants known to do just that.

*Safe to touch and also safe for children and pets (dogs, cats, birds, fish, reptiles, etc.)

*All ingredients are 100% natural, plant derived, and approved by FDA.  The wipes are 100% biodegradable.

*Beautiful, healthy plants and healthy, clean environments is what BotaniWipe strives for and is why professional such as DisneyWorld Animal Kingdom and Epcott Center, Smithsonian National Zoo and Museums use BotaniWipe for their plant care.

*Award Winning New Product!  TPIE, Super Floral Show& more!

Charlie Dimmock

Gardener at BBC Gardeners World
Charlotte Elouise "Charlie" Dimmock (born 10 August 1966) is an English gardening expert and TV presenter. She was one of the team on Ground Force, a BBC gardening makeover programme.

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